Saturday, August 6, 2011

Whoa, another post already?!

Yeah I know, I'm just a TAD late on the posts this week. Okay, I've been neglecting it entirely. To keep this blog up to date with my lookbook, I'm blogging twice today. Sorry guys. Well, today I wore an outfit that I genuinely liked. It's so simple, pretty much anyone could come up with it, but I focused on the accessories. I made a lace headband out of the extra fabric from a lacy shirt my sister made me cut, put on some glasses I found deep in the abyss of my closet, and scrunched down some normally knee high socks (God bless the 99¢ store).

Yes, these are unedited. and shot with my ancient point and shoot camera. This lace raglan is AWESOME though. Comfortable and stylish. 



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  2. Absolutely love the boots and sock, go commando girl!

    <a href=">Shanny</a>

  3. great photos!