Monday, August 22, 2011




Sunday, August 14, 2011

Being Sick

isn't as fun as I thought it would be. I was pretty much wishing I was sick so I could have a chance to lay in bed all day and not do anything. Now I regret it. I have a fever, but it's not your classic sniffles or's this weird combination of nausea, congestion, and dizziness. Too fun. My two newest posts of outfits have been total fails, as whenever I TRY to pose/take pictures I get hit beat with insane waves of nausea. How is everyone else doing? Any new DIY projects I can try that are possible without standing?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Feeling Floral.

Today I was once again digging through my closet. I'm currently OBSESSED with anything that I see around me. I guess you can say I'm very easily influenced...ANYWAY. I found a skirt, (well culottes) that I haven't worn for around two years. I grabbed my AA crop tank top to brighten up the outfit, as well as a fedora that has long been neglected. I felt very summery, although summer is nearly over. This outfit is QUITE the change from yesterday's.

yesterday ^^^^

Today ^^^^

Well I can honestly say I desperately want to model for American Apparel. I know I have no chance, but hey, why not try? Ah, well. Time to go watch some nick@nite.


Saturday, August 6, 2011

Whoa, another post already?!

Yeah I know, I'm just a TAD late on the posts this week. Okay, I've been neglecting it entirely. To keep this blog up to date with my lookbook, I'm blogging twice today. Sorry guys. Well, today I wore an outfit that I genuinely liked. It's so simple, pretty much anyone could come up with it, but I focused on the accessories. I made a lace headband out of the extra fabric from a lacy shirt my sister made me cut, put on some glasses I found deep in the abyss of my closet, and scrunched down some normally knee high socks (God bless the 99¢ store).

Yes, these are unedited. and shot with my ancient point and shoot camera. This lace raglan is AWESOME though. Comfortable and stylish. 

Another Day, Another Outfit.

ONCE AGAIN, my insatiable craving for clothes bit me in the ass. In my wallet, you'll find nothing but 15 dollars. If even that. At my age, it's pretty difficult to get a job. Teenagers are apparently looked down upon, as I soon found out the second I started looking older than 12. ANYWAY, in the past couple of days, I came up with some loot. Not just any loot. CHIFFON loot. Chiffon is a must have this season, and as I'm always too early or too late on the trend, I decided to get BASICS before I got all wild with chiffonities. In LA I got a striped button down, made even cheaper than Forever 21 makes their clothes. I couldn't resist the boyish yet feminine charm in this little piece. Today, I made the choice of walking into a Goodwill opened just a few weeks ago. Right away, I found a brand new, oversized chiffon tank with a deep v neck. Half priced. Grand total of the shirt? $2.24. It's pretty American Apparel-esque, something I love but with all my spending, just can't afford at the moment.

Once I do a look for the 2 dollar blouse, I'll add to this post.
Much love,

Thursday, August 4, 2011

american apparel.

so is it me or is dov charney incredibly hot? maybe it's because he speaks volumes about equal rights and such...or maybe because he created one of my favorite clothing brands. gosh, i'm nuts! anyway, i posted another look on lookbook on this FINE day, wearing something to show my love for AA.

Monday, August 1, 2011


so i've been obsessing over something everyone either loves or hates.
they're called high-waisted shorts. (or mom jeans, if you will.)
i have around seven pairs, which i enjoy studding and designing myself.
total cost?
around twenty bucks.