Saturday, August 6, 2011

Another Day, Another Outfit.

ONCE AGAIN, my insatiable craving for clothes bit me in the ass. In my wallet, you'll find nothing but 15 dollars. If even that. At my age, it's pretty difficult to get a job. Teenagers are apparently looked down upon, as I soon found out the second I started looking older than 12. ANYWAY, in the past couple of days, I came up with some loot. Not just any loot. CHIFFON loot. Chiffon is a must have this season, and as I'm always too early or too late on the trend, I decided to get BASICS before I got all wild with chiffonities. In LA I got a striped button down, made even cheaper than Forever 21 makes their clothes. I couldn't resist the boyish yet feminine charm in this little piece. Today, I made the choice of walking into a Goodwill opened just a few weeks ago. Right away, I found a brand new, oversized chiffon tank with a deep v neck. Half priced. Grand total of the shirt? $2.24. It's pretty American Apparel-esque, something I love but with all my spending, just can't afford at the moment.

Once I do a look for the 2 dollar blouse, I'll add to this post.
Much love,

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  1. cute blouse!